Photos of Events and Shows

"Disturbingly Beautiful Art Show"

Solo art show at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. September 11th, 2010.

It was a great success. Wonderful turn out of a variety of people from 18-80! There's a few images still up at the shop. Check out the photos!

I love talking to people and letting them into the image.  They become more intrigued by the meanings. This one is "Always One Wing . . . " and is one of the most popular.


MEDEA at the Knightsbridge Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. August, 2010.

Set in a modern mental institution the Knightsbridge Theatre's production of MEDEA retells the classic Greek tragedy. Already hospitalized for mental illness, Medea travels an inescapable road of revenge, violence and murder after she finds out her husband has left her for another woman. 

Directed by Travis Terry. Art by Audra Phillips.

In the lobby of the theatre.

4 images were on the stage. Shown in this image: Adalgiza Chemountd, played a brilliant Medea!

More images from the Medea performance. "Jason's Lament" in the background.

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DARK DELICACIES Dark Craft Show Nov. 2010

I made smaller versions of my dark art and burnt the edges. Then adhered them to burnt wooden planks. Sold quite a few and Dark Delicacies kept quite a lot of the little horror art pieces.

If you can see in the little tree, I made ornaments from the images as well. I've sold a bunch at Dark Delicacies as well. You can still find them there.  Go to for more info on purchasing them.


A 4 page spread in the December 2007 edition of Art and Prose web magazine. 

Some of these have already sold, please order from the first page of the online store if your interested.



The postcard for the performance. Even the theatre said it was one of their best postcards. 

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Here's a close up of "Jason's Lament" from the stage.